No need for workers to work abroad


India can claim to have economically improved only when Indian workers do not find more benefit in going abroad for manual work and prefer to work in India i.e. they easily find jobs in India itself and the salaries and working conditions in India are as good as or better than in foreign countries. Also Indian workers already in foreign countries should be eager to return to India to work. There is so much work to be undertaken- laying roads, railway lines, constructing buildings-residences, factories, shops, hotels, restaurants etc- that there is no need for workers to go abroad.

Poor people to become rich and rich people to become richer.


It has become a fashion with political parties/leaders, non-governmental organizations, intellectuals etc to express their interests in the betterment of  the poor people only as though they are not bothered about the interests and concerns of the rich people- businessmen, industrialists, service providers and large land owners. In fact they always  talk ill of rich people. This is an unhealthy situation. It is the rich people who pay taxes to the government for running the government and for providing  welfare schemes for poor people , it is the rich people who create and provide jobs to the people, it is the rich people who engage in large charitable activities. It is therefore difficult to understand why the rich people are ignored by the government etc. The policy of any government should be to make rich people richer, so that they can make poor people rich by setting up industries, shops, service establishments and providing jobs to unemployed persons and providing higher posts for already employed workers, staff and officers.  To bridge the gap between the poor and rich, rich people should not be made poor, but poor people should have higher growth in income than the rich people.

Political leaders of Tamilnadu and All India political leadership


There was a time when there were leaders from Tamilnadu who occupied important positions in the Central leadership of their respective parties. In the Congress Party there were leaders like Kamaraj, C.Subramaniam, R.Venkataraman who were respected and admired by  central leadership of the Congress party. Some of them were  talked of as potential Prime Ministers. The founder and leader of the Swatantra Party, which was at one time the largest Opposition Party in Lok Sabha, viz Rajaji is from Tamilnadu. Mr.P.Ramamurthy of CPI(M) was one of the top leaders of that Party. Recently though some leaders from Tamilnadu occupied important positions in the Central cabinet like P.Chidambaram, Anbumani Ramadoss, Dayanidhi Maran, T.R.Balu etc, none of them had the stature to influence decisions of the central government. In the existing circumstances, i.e. when All India parties- BJP and Congress- do not have much following in Tamilnadu, the local(Tamilnadu) leaders of these parties are unlikely to emerge as top leaders of their respective parties in the normal course.

There is need for an alternative to Congress and BJP. It could be an united Front of all existing and new regional/state parties or a new All India Party. Tamilnadu’s political leaders should try for this viz formation 9f  United Front of regional parties or a new All India Party. They could have important positions in these orgnisations.

Tackling worst drought in Tamilnadu


If I am in power, I will take the following steps to over come the impact of drought,

  1. Not only remove all restrictions on digging bore wells but will also encourage and assist people to dig bore wells. Ground water level will go down but this does not matter, as when it rains the water level will automatically come up. Government will also dig bore wells near water bodies like lakes, canals etc.
  2. Wherever and whenever it is possible, artificial rain(cloud seeding) will be tried.
  3. Water areas like wells, rivers, lakes, canals, water passages will be dredged which may lead to more ground water
  4. farmers will be advised to refrain from planting crops like paddy which require a lot of water and cultivate drought resistant crops like ragi
  5. Without any elaborate application from farmers, their lands will be provided with drip irrigation system and sprinkler irrigation system.
  6. Panchayat, municipal and corporation waste water will be treated and used for irrigation.
  7. As a long term measure, desalination plants will be established along the coast.

Why do we need to adopt capitalist economy?


We need to adopt capitalist economy, as it releases the full potential of the individual. Socialism locks the potential of the individual. Socialism does not motivate people to put in their best efforts in their work. To take an example, the state government owned and run transport corporations run at loss whereas private bus transport organizations run at profits. It is common to see that a government bus goes empty,  while a  private bus running a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later goes fully packed. The govt. owed Steel Authority of India (SAIL) runs at huge loss while privately owned Tata Steel runs at huge profit. It is good for the country, to privatize government owned companies so that they start earning profits and the money realized for sales, can be utilized for the betterment of the weaker sections of the society.

Acts versus Awareness campaigns


In India, it has become a fashion with the social activists and NGOs and some organisations to demand legislation for implementing resolutions of the United Nations Organisation and other international  bodies, introduced mostly by developed countries and reflecting mostly their practices, views and concerns. The central and state governments in India should also take  into  consideration, India’s ancient ways of living, practices, beliefs, customs, traditions etc.  before accepting the demands of social activists. Some of the cases where the governments ignore public feeling and concerns relate to laws on:

child labour
child marriage
cruelty to animals
These laws should be amended to be in line with India’s traditions and customms







Prevention of Crime/violence-involvement of religious pesonalities


In Feb 2017, Tamilnadu Police arrested around 500 rowdies in order to prevent law and order problems following split in the ruling AIADMK party. Some of them are said to be repeated offenders. IN due course all these  people will be released. It would be useful if government organizes all religions- yoga or meditation or prayer- courses for all these offenders with a view to change their mindset. The aim of the government should be not just punishing the offenders but reforming them and making them valuable and respected citizens. Prisons should be places of reformation. It is claimed by experts of Transcendental Meditation(TM) that if a person performs TM, several persons in the surrounding area will change for good. Hindu,Christian, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist. Jain etc Priests could be invited to participate in the social movement to prevent violence and serious crime by conducting classes in prisons as also in specially organized meetings. As the society is becoming more violent, some concerted efforts are needed to change the trend