Helping God, no thank you!

There are different forms of terrorism. In countries like the UK and Spain, terrorist activities have been linked to demand for separate homelands for certain demographics. In some Indian states, terrorism has been a crude tool for protesting economic disparity (e.g. Naxalites.) The most severe form of terrorism is based on religion and this is the major concern in today’s world.

It is possible to extrapolate a common thread among the major religions of the world – service to God. Followers adopt several ways to serve God. Some worship once a week, others many times a day and some others only when they feel like it. While frequency of worship is a personal choice for serving God, the complication arises when proselytism becomes that choice.

There is inherent conflict in serving God through proselytism – while one side thinks converting others is service, the other side thinks resisting conversions is service. Furthermore, while some adopt peaceful means for conversion, there are others who adopt extreme measures. The latter are the terrorists the world must defeat.

In the midst of discussing service to God, it is surprising to note that atheists offer some lucidity on the issue. Atheists wonder why God, whom followers believe to be omnipotent, would require service from mere mortals in the first place. Atheists  question whether service from humans would actually matter to God. They find it puzzling to understand why God would require people to fight on His behalf when God could handle things on His own.

So it seems that those who do not believe in God, offer a practical prescription those who do believe – let God take care of Himself.


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