Indian railways and employment generation

India is considered to have one of the largest rail networks in the world. However, considering the area as well as the population of the country, as well as the rail line length of the following countries, India’s railway network appears to very low.

Country Area ( Population (million) Rail length (km)
France      550,000               62                          29,000
Germany  357,000               83                          48,000
Japan       378,000             127                          23,000
India       3,300,000        1,165                         63,000

On area consideration with France, Germany and Japan, India should have rail length of India 174,000, 444,000 and 200,000 km, respectively. On population consideration with these countries, rail length of India should be 550,000, 673,000 and 210,000 km, respectively.

But the length of railways in India is only 63,000 km. There is potential for expanding this to at least 200,000 km which would mean additional length of 137,000km. If such expansion is undertaken, work will be generated for at least 1 year for about 150 million people. This would not only wipe out unemployment but result in labor shortage in India.

In most of the other developing countries also, expansion of roadways and railways would not only eradicate unemployment but will result in massive manpower shortage.


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