Reduction of shrinking of agricultural land

A few decades ago, forest land was converted into agricultural land. In India, unused government land was distributed to the poor people for cultivation. Simultaneously, agricultural land was also being converted for non-agricultural purposes like construction of school, office and commercial buildings, factories etc. There was however, net increase in cultivated land. Of late, forests are not destroyed (in fact afforestation is going on) and the unused government land is limited. On the other hand more agricultural land is being used for buildings, factories, roads, railway lines etc. Agricultural production has been more or less stagnating at around 210 million tones a year for the last few years. Population growth rate has come down but the population is still increasing. Therefore, there is need to limit use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes. Some of the ways could be:

  • All Government office buildings should be multi-storied – 8 floors and above.
  • All buildings constructed by the government for distribution/sales to poor People like the Samathuvapurams in Tamilnadu, units of Housing Boards etc should also be multi-storey buildings
  • Government should procure land in public interest only for present use and not for future use also. National Highways Authority of India has acquired much larger area than required on the plea that in future it would be required.
  • For factories etc. also, future expansion requirements should not be taken into account for present acquisition.
  • Burial should be discouraged and cremation should be encouraged
  • Private schools, colleges, hospitals should also be housed in multi-story buildings with safe lifts.
  • Government should extend liberal loans/grants to private persons for converting their single storey buildings into multi-storey buildings

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