India and Membership of United Nations Security Council

In terms of population, India is the second largest country in the world, accounting for over 17% of total population. Every sixth person in the world is an Indian. In PPP terms, India is among the top 5 largest economies in the world. Militarily also, it is strong with large army, air force and navy. India has expressed its desire for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). It has also undertaken sufficient canvassing. Still there is no sign of India becoming a permanent member of UNSC in the near future. It is time for India to consider whether it should continue to be a member of the UN.

India does not lose anything by ceasing to be a member of UN. Switzerland, which hosts several UN and inter-governmental organizations, was not a member of UN till 2002.


2 Responses to India and Membership of United Nations Security Council

  1. Ritesh Shah says:

    India will never be able to get the security council position by begging to other members. It has to make a compelling case for its membership by proving that the council would lose something by not making India a permanent member. The five permanent member would never share their power with any other nation unless they are forced to. That’s why all attempts to expand the security council have been fruitless.

  2. I dont’t think India deserves to be a permanent member of security council.A country in which 1/4 th of is population isn’t able to feed itself.A country which being a nuclear power still doesn’t have an “icbm” or even a fully deployed 3000+ range missile
    in its artilerry.It ranks even lower than Pakistan in establishing a private firm.How can it be a so called superpower.I think instead of thinking of such a high level India must bolster its murky relationship with its neighbouring countries.And then slowly and slowly we will reach to pinnacle

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