Vegetable prices and Wage increases

There has recently been a lot of noise about the rise in vegetable prices. The print and electronic media are exaggerating.

While the wages/salaries have been increasing steadily, the prices of vegetables, although fluctuating, have not increased. The prices of vegetables on 30 October, 2005 and 28 July, 2009 at Koyambedu market are given below.

Source: Koyambedu Market Traders

Source: Koyambedu Market Traders

While prices of a few vegetables have gone up, the prices of some other vegetables have come down. The media has made it appear that the prices of all vegetables have gone up and that the people are not able to buy vegetables. This is incorrect.

Such wrong news induces shopkeepers to increase the prices even when there is no basis for such increase. The media should not sensationalize the news. If at all there is a case, it is for increase in the prices of vegetables in proportion to the increase in wages/salaries.


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