Common people and Economic development

During the 62 years since independence, India has developed considerably. However, its development could have been even greater if the people had worked hard, been self reliant and conscious of  dignity.

It would help a lot if common people take an oath on Republic Day and on Independence Day and adhere to the same. The oath should include the following:

  • “I will not treat any work as undignified and will work for at least 8 hours a day and six days in a week.”
  • “I will not hesitate to contribute my labour to the extent possible for public cause or to help those in need of assistance.”
  • “I will keep myself and my environment clean.”
  • “I will not accept bribes in cash or in kind from political parties to vote in any election.”
  • “I will not aspire for things which do not belong to me.”
  • “I will report to the concerned authorities all information which I come to know about all the crimes and criminals.”

One Response to Common people and Economic development

  1. Ritesh Shah says:

    This is a very good oath. But thinking practically just taking the oath will not change people’s behaviour. The change in attitude/behaviour requires effort, time and training especially for grown ups. It’s probably easier to mold the kids to acquire the right attitude and behaviour. That’s why I think this oath should be ingrained in every person’s mind by our education system. Then there would be no need to take such oath on any Independence Day, it would be part of our national culture. But sadly, the state of our education system is deplorable. Our education system is best suited to churn out blue and white collar workers but it cannot produce good citizens. The system does a very good job of preparing clerks but it fails to install the necessary moral values that would make them good citizens or an attitude that would help them take on any challenge in life.

    Our over-emphasis on secularism has come with a cost. Our education system is completely void of any moral teachings that is integral part of any religion. The teachings of Gita and our ancient Vedas should be taught in schools but sadly we are too secular to do that. For instance, the first oath is clearly encapsulated in this Gita shlok.

    Karmanya Vadhika raste maa faleshu kadachan
    Maa karma fal hetu bhurma sangotsva karmani

    I being another product of the clerk-churning-machine do not know enough shloks to see how other oaths are taught in our ancient scriptures but I am sure they are.

    It is this failure of our education system that is also responsible for the void that we have at the leadership level in this country. I don’t see a single talented leader in our current leadership that was born in the last 40 yrs and is a sole product of our education system.

    I urge you this video on youtube. It is beautiful video that clearly shows how India was ahead of China in both life-expectancy and per-capita income 50-60 yrs back and how we just chugged along on the path of progress while others leaped and ran.

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