According to the Constitution of India, the Parliament has the power to create Telangana by law. However, the Bill to be introduced in the Parliament has to be referred to the Legislature of Andhra Pradesh (AP) for expressing its views thereon, as the area and boundaries of the state of AP are proposed to be altered. It is not necessary that the Bill should be passed by the Legislature of AP. The Members of the AP Legislature lose the chance to express their views or objection by resigning from the Legislature.

It is for the people of Telangana to decide whether to remain as part of AP or have a separate state. It is not for the people of rest of AP to decide whether unwilling Telangana people should be allowed to have a separate state or not. Of course they have right to voice their objections like how they would be economically affected, how the divided AP would lose its revenue, how they would lose the important institutions that are available in Telangana area, how they would lose their importance by not having Hyderabad as its capital etc. They can seek assistance from Telangana or/and from the Central Government due compensation for their expected loss. They can also seek full access (as at present) to the educational and other facilities available in Telangana area for a specified time- i.e. till such facilities are created in AP.

The Central Govt/Telangana should safeguard the interests of divided AP to the maximum extent possible. But the Central Government should not feel it obligatory to obtain “no objection” from AP Legislature. What the Central Govt should consider now, is not “whether or not” to accede to the demand for separate Telangana state but how to safeguard the interests of divided AP.


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