Bus accidents and the ways to minimize the same

Early in December 2009, 9 school children and a teacher, traveling in a school bus were drowned to death, when their bus skid and fell into the roadside pond which was water full to the brim. The driver was reported to have been talking on mobile phone which could be the reason for the fall of bus into the water. Some of the reasons for the accidents are:.

 i.. The driver’s careless, drunken, rash driving or driving while talking on phone or with passengers

ii. The bad condition of the bus, particularly the brakes and the tyres as well as lights.

 iii. The dismally poor condition of the roads- having deep potholes, slippery particularly during rainy season, being very narrow.

 iv. Ponds, lakes, wells on the roadside

v. people, cattle, dogs, cats etc .using or coming on to the middle of the road

The Government usually takes deterrent action in the case of accidents due to the first two reasons. The Government does not seem to have thought of taking action to avoid the causes iii to v.

The government should ensure that the roads are fit to be used by vehicles; that the roads are completely tarred/cemented, there are no potholes or ditches, sufficiently wide etc.

The roadways or public works department should undertake on an immediate basis  construction of walls along the riverside lakes, ponds and wells or the roads are moved away from these water reservoirs

Heavy fines should be imposed on people and owners of cattle etc which stray into the roads.

These measures would certainly go a long way to reduce the accidents and as well as the seriousness of the accidents.


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