India- Electricity Production and Consumption

India is the 6th largest producer and consumer of electricity in the world. However, India’s per capita production and consumption is very low as seen from the table below.

country Population



(million kwh)

Percapita prod.(Kwh) Consumption(million kwh) Percapita consu ption(kwh)
Bangladesh   156     22990    147      21380    137
Vietnam     87     66810    768      59300    682
Venezuela     27   113300   4196      83020   3075
China 1339 3041000   2271  2835000   2117
France     62   535700   8640    447000   7210
UK     61   368600   6043    345800   5660
United States   307 4110000 13388  3837000 12498
INDIA 1166   761700     653    568000     487


Even as late as 2003, Vietnam’s per capita production and consumption of electricity was much lower than India.  Electricity consumption is an indication of the economic and social development of a country.  India should increase its consumption by about 10 times to join the club of economically developed countries. Every town authorities should be encouraged to produce electricity from garbage, biogas and sunlight in cooperation with local consumers. Every water reservoir should attempt to produce hydro power.


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