Attacks on Indian Students in Australia

There are attacks against Indian students and other Indian nationals in Australia for quite some time. There have been attacks in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria province. The matter has been taken by the highest authorities of India with the highest authorities of Australia, both in India and Australia. The Government of India seems to feel that the Government of Australia has taken serious and concerted efforts to prevent the attacks against Indians.

Australia benefits from students from India studying in Australia, not only in terms of their fees but in other ways also. Victoria province has a population of about 50 lakhs and has a police force of nearly 14,000, i.e. they have police personnel for every 400 people. It should therefore not be difficult for the police to identify the potential perpetrators of crime and take them under preventive custody. Instead of just expressing our concerns, Government of India should demand that Victoria Police set up a Special Squad for Protecting Indian students. (as also the Police in other provinces). A committee of Police and Indian Students should be formed to identify places usually visited by Indian students with a view to intensifying the patrols. Victoria Police should also involve local people and volunteers to identify the criminals.  The Government of India should also warn that if such measures are not taken, it may not be possible for the Government to allow Indian students to study in Australia. 

What is said above is quite reasonable and the Government of Australia will only be willing to accede. Therefore, Government of India need not worry that these demands would be misunderstood and that this would have an impact on the good Indo-Australian Relations.




One Response to Attacks on Indian Students in Australia

  1. Murasoli Maran.V says:

    As far as i know,no tamil students were attacked by the australians.they attacked only the Indian of my friend who resides there in australia for few months told me about the uncivilized,unethical charecter of “Indian” students who went there to StudY using their black money or bribed money.

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