Use of nuclear energy to build dams

India uses nuclear energy mainly to produce electricity, and in medicine, food processing and food preserving

In 1965, Soviet Union used nuclear energy to create across Chagan river, a dam,called Lake Chagan, 100  meter deep,400 meter in diameter and 20-35 meter in height. India at present needs lakes and canals badly, to irrigate the lands to increase the food grain production from around 230 million mt per year to about 400 million mt i.e 300kg Per capita, per year  which is the world average. India,to start with should use nuclear energy to build such a dam across  one of  the major rivers like Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri in the South. It should also try to dig canals with the help of nuclear energy to link  two of the above mentioned rivers.

Incidentally, these efforts would refine the nuclear technology available with us beside increasing the food grain production and eliminating or minimising floods..


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