Increase size of the Police Force to reduce crime

The Police Force is not adequate in any of the Indian states. For example, in Tamilnadu state for a population of 65 million, there are only 8,5000 Police personnel. This works out to one Police person for a population of about 750. This is not adequate, particularly because of high crime rates, deployment of large number of personnel for VIP protection and shortage of sophisticated equipment and transport. In many of the developed countries, the Police- Population ratio is one is to 250. The strength of the Police Force in India should be doubled, if not tripled.

The Police Force should be proactive. Finance companies cheating their depositors is a frequent news item for the last several years. While it is mainly the greed which makes people believe in promises of unbelievable returns on deposits, a dedicated Police Wing could follow advertisements in the media, posters etc and seek explanation from the companies as to how they would fulfill their promises. Action could be initiated wherever necessary.

Another frequent news item is the cheating by recruitment agencies, promising to get lucrative jobs in foreign countries. The Police should ask for the relevant documents from such agencies and get them verified from concerned Embassies/High Commissions.

For each 500 people, there should be 2 local friends of police who would report matters of relevance to the Police on a regular basis. Police should take suitable action on these reports. The Police should have records of all the people – their names, addresses, jobs, approximate income, the people living outside the locality, their whereabouts, work, remittances to home etc. and the lifestyle of the people and make use of these records. Thus crime could be reduced to a large extent.


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