Migration within India

Tripura state was originally a tribal majority state. Now the majority of the people speak Bengali and tribals constitute only about 31%. The migrants were from Bangladesh. In a few districts in Assam, Bengali has now become the majority language and Assamese a minority language. After some time, if the Bengali speaking people want their districts to be merged with West Bengal or made a separate Bengali speaking state, their demand may not be an undemocratic one. While every citizen of India has a right and freedom to go, work and settle permanently anywhere in India (except Jammu and Kashmir), it is time to debate::

  1. Whether it would be fair and just if people of a particular state or region move in such large numbers to another state and impose their language in the new state by not learning the language of the new state.
  2. Whether it would be fair if the people of a state move in large numbers to another state and deprive the people of the new state their employment opportunities.
  3. Whether governments at the centre and in the states from which migrants originate should remain simple spectators to the scene of large scale migration and not take steps to create employment opportunities in the migration originating states to stop migration particularly for low paid jobs.
  4. Whether the Planning Commission should not have a strategy for ensuring equitable industrial and economic growth of all the states?

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