Enhancing efficiency in Government Service

There is large scale unemployment among the educated people of India. A few state governments have introduced unemployment allowance. Therefore natural expectation is all government offices and educational institutes have more than adequate staff. But this is not the case. Most of the offices have a large number of vacancies.  In the central and a few state governments there is ban on creation of posts as well as filling up of vacancies in certain posts. The successive pay commissions have been recommending staff reduction. The result is that there is a heavy shortage of staff leading to enormous delays. Not only the delays. Sometimes no action is taken on many communications which are just filed even without acknowledging. This is one of the causes for corruption. The customers who do not get services even after reminders tend to think of bribing.

The central government has come to adopt a system of promotion of staff on the basis of seniority against the earlier system of promotion “on the basis of merit’. There is no motivation for the staff to work.

 If the government service is to be efficient, at least something similar to the following steps should be taken

  1. all vacancies should be filled in and additional posts should be created  by looking at the pending papers and after conducting work studie

       2. promotions should be made on the basis of merit and not on seniority

        3.discipline should be enforced at all costs

         4.posts should be filled up by those possessing minimum required qualification.             higher           qualified persons should be avoided as they would not be suitable from the points of willingness to work, perceived low level of salary vis a vis their qualification etc.

        5.officers should avoid doing work of juniors and concentrate on important matters

         6.avoidable and unnecessary work should not be taken up as it would divert      concentration from important work

         7.senior officers in stead of doing most of the work, should train train junior officers to do the work and take work from them

       8.There should be more number of posts than at present at the junior level.

       9.The talent at junior level at present is underutilized. Steps should be taken to utilize fully the talent at all levels.


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