India-District Administrative set up

Watching the local Television channels, one gets the confirmation that of all the government officers, the District Collector/Deputy Commissioner appears to be the most overburdened officer. With the ever increasing welfare measures and developmental works which the state and central governments are undertaking, the workload of the Collector keeps increasing. The districts have already been bifurcated and trifurcated through out India and at present the districts, in any state, in general, are not large enough to be further divided immediately to lessen the work load of the Collector. Of course, as the population increases, the already small districts would need to be made smaller (in areas). It is also not practical to post two Collectors for each district.

The District Superintendent of Police (SP), who is of the same rank as that of Collector, also has more than sufficient work. With the criminals using sophisticated and new methods, the task of preventing and investigating the crimes is becoming more difficult and time consuming. With every individual and groups of people asserting their rights in relation to the rights of other people and groups, maintaining law and order is also more difficult than before.

The Collector needs to be relieved of some work, to enable him/her to concentrate on the remaining work. SP could perhaps be entrusted with the work relating to the management of natural calamities like floods, fires, riots etc. Also some work relating to regional transport department, labour department, forests, and fire services, census, conducting elections, arms licenses, hotel licences,  cinema theatre licences,  could  perhaps be placed under the charge of SP


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