Reducing pollution

Consumption of paper which is high in developed countries is increasing in the developing countries. This needs to be reduced as paper industry is one of the most polluting ones and requires a lot of electricity. chemicals and deforestation.

 In the past, people after washing their hands with water, used to wipe their hands with cloth (hand kerchief). It has now become a habit in developed countries and fashion in developing countries to wipe the hands with paper and throw away the paper. Using water and hand kerchiefs should become fashion.

 In the schools, slates and slate pencils were used to learn in the lower classes. Now these have disappeared and in their place, paper and pens have appeared leading to increased consumption of paper.

 The ball pens are thrown away after use. In the initial years of ball pen appearance, refills (ink) were used and there was not much pollution. Now the plastic pen is thrown away and it is becoming increasingly difficult to dispose of these used pens. If refills are used as in the past, production of the plastic body, metal part could be minimized.

 The newspapers are increasing in their volume. There are newspapers which have about 80 or more pages. No one will have time to read all the pages. The news papers can be printed into and sold in separate sections like local news, sports news, international news, business news etc. People interested only in particular news will not buy other sections.

 Of course, there are plastic bags which can easily be replaced with jute and cotton bags, plastic throw away plates and cups with banana and other leaf plates & cups, plastic containers with metal or mud containers etc.

 Liquids can be packed in tins instead of in plactics.

 Most of the industrial and domestic plastic things should be made durable and unbreakable thereby reducing their annual production.


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