Study Loans or Scholarships?

Several poor brilliant students get assistance from various sources, by way of scholarships of sufficient amount for higher studies. In the university if they study well and score high marks they get employment through campus selection. Many of them receive handsome remuneration (a monthly salary of over Rs.50000/-.(fifty thousand).) If they had been given loans they would not mind repaying and could repay the same easily in a few years. Since they get assistance scholarships, they do not have to repay the amount. But why should not they not be made to take loans and to repay the same when they earn and are in a position to repay? If this is done more students could be assisted to pursue higher studies. It is time, the government, universities/colleges, charitable organizations etc. give up giving scholarships and extend study loans to more students

Similarly the government run hostels for school students and college students, instead of providing boarding and lodging free, could charge reasonable amount and treat this as extending loan to the students. They can repay the loan, when they get employment. With this amount government can run more hostels.

The above measures could make the people more responsible and dignity conscious. The government’s responsibility could be restricted to providing infrastructure while the beneficiaries should become responsible for running expenses


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