Foreign Tours of Prime Minister of India

India is a large country. Every 6 th person in the world is an Indian. Every 5 th child is in India. There are a lot of complex issues inside the country which await urgent solution. The Prime Minister (PM) of India handles 5 Ministries (space, atomic energy, planning, culture & Personnel).There about 40 Ministries in the Government. There are 35 States and Union Territories (states, UTs).

• It would be useful if PM could review the working of the central Ministries periodically (once in 3/6 months). While it may take about one full working day to review the working of a small Ministry, it may take about 2 days for review of each of the major ministries like Finance, Home, Agriculture, Defence and External Affairs.

• It is necessary for the PM to review the progress in the states, UTs with the Chief Ministers (CM)/Administrators regularly and also brief them about the activities of the central government. Discussions with each CM may take 1-2 days depending on the size and problems of the state.

• It may be necessary for PM to address the public not only to tell them about the government activities but also talk to them on the duties and obligations of the people, ethics, morality, need for hard work, etc.

 • PM has also to address various Manufacturers’ Associations, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Think Tanks, NGOs, Farmers’ associations etc not only in New Delhi but through out India

• PM may also have to find time to inspect major projects in the country.

 • Besides the above, PM has to devote time for the Parliament affairs

• discuss matters with visiting foreign VIPs,VVIPs etc.

• In the midst of all the above, PM has also to devote time for the party and political affairs.

While PMs of other countries have frequent foreign tours, PM of India undertakes very few foreign tours. Even then, in view of the heavy workload within this large country, it may be better, if the concerned Ministries of the government schedule  as lesser number of foreign tours for the Prime Minister as possible. It may also be desirable if PM gives up the Ministry’s he is handling directly and concentrate on co-ordination, reviews, monitoring etc of all the ministries


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