Labour Shortage- measure to ease

There is an acute shortage of labour in every sector in India. However, in the name of welfare measures, government of india and the state governments are taking away a lot of people from workforce, thereby enhancing shortage of labour and curtailing growth in GDP. It is time the governments consider seriously the following measure to augment the work force

a. increase the age limit for giving old age pension from 60 years to 65 years and above

b. reduce the agelimit of children for employment

c.some kind of discrimination against able bodied people who refuse to work-in the matter of grant of freebies,concessions,

d.increase the working hours to atleast 8 hours a day in sectors where it is lower than this like in agricultural sector

e.strict punishment for petty thefts, trespassing by people,cattle etc, so that unproductive labour by watching (watchmen’s work) could be moved to productive sectors

f.motivating people to be sincere in and committed to work, so that the supervision could be minimised and supervisors could be employed more productively

g. curtailing freebies so that people would be forced to put in more work to earn more to meet the anticipated special expenditures on occasions like festivals, marriages, pilgrimages etc


2 Responses to Labour Shortage- measure to ease

  1. Vikram says:

    Very good analysis of the problems India actually faces.
    After years of working in high tech Software industry I have same opinion on even engineers of our sector.

    People talk of work life balance. However what I find is people give less time to work as well as less time to life. They don’t do productive things for employer as well as family.

  2. kgovindan says:

    Dear Mr.Vikram,

    thank you for your views which I appreciate

    best regards

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