Construction of Lakes should be the top priority

The top priority for any state government in India, particularly those in the south, should be construction of lakes on a large scale, not only to dam rivulets but also to drain rainwater from ditches and pits into the lakes. Tamilnadu receives around 100 cm of rainfall per year on an average. If the rainwater is harvested to the maximum extent possible, two- three crops can be raised in most of the places. Tamilnadu will become surplus in food grains.

During rainy season in October-December, one finds water everywhere(i.e.on very large area), stagnating in shallow ditches. This water evaporates in 15-20 days once the rainy season ends, without being of any use for cultivation as the water is not deep enough to recharge ground water. If this water is drained into deep lakes to be constructed, the evaporation will be less and the ground water will be recharged. Around the lakes, one can get water in the wells at a depth of 20-25ft. While rains will be more or less enough to raise one crop, well water will help raise 1-2 crops.

Lake water can also be a reliable source of drinking water for people of villages around the lakes. While supplying water to people from reservoirs/rivers hundreds of kilometres away is welcome, this is not as reliable a source as local lake water.

Each district should have a senior water resources development officer with technical staff and with adequate powers to sanction construction of a lake and related work


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