Wanted long term land policy


India needs a long term land policy.Government would need to acquire agricultural and othere land for a large number of public projects and private projects which are in public interest. Therefore, government should:-

i.stop distributing government(paramboke) land to anyone-landless or houseless people. This should be kept for giving to the families from whom agricultural land or housesites/buildings are acquired for public purposes. If this had been done from the beginning, there would not have been so many agitations against land acquisitions. The land should only be leased out with the condition that the lease may be terminated with a one year notice. This is to see that the land does not remain unused.

ii.government should acquire land only for present use and should not acquire larger land in the name of using it in future and thus should not keep the land fallow, thereby depriving the country of production of food grains on these lands.

iii. all government housing schemes for the low or medium or high income groups as well as government buildings for offices, schools, hospitals etc. should be multi-storied so that lesser land is used.

iv. even for private housing projects, plans should be approved only if the buildings are multi-storied.

v.even in the case of buildings by private individuals, they should be encouraged to build more than one floor by offering loans at concessional rates of interest.

vi.multi-storied parking places should be encouraged or the government should itself build to save space on parking.