India’s Iran policy

Iran says that it is developing its nuclear programme for peaceful purposes. But the technological deevelopment may pave the way for developing nuclear programme for destructive uses.

Iran may have good friendly relations with India at present inspite of its stand against India on the disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir. But in future no one can be sure of continued good relations. Iran is a country which follows islamic principles while India is a secular country. The possibilities of some internatinal fundamentalist elements trying to create rift between the two countries.

It will be prudent to take the following into consideration while formulating India’s Iran policy:

1.existing excellent political and economic relations
2.The potential for enhancing these relations
3.Iran’s geographic proximity to India
4.Possibility of Iran developing atom bombs
5.Iran’s islamic governments
6.India’s secular govenments
7.Iran’s anti-Indian position with reference to the disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir
8.Past invasions from India
9.Iran’s economic strength to help anti-social elements in India
10.Iran’s ambition for a bigger role in international affairs


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