Tamilnadu- some administrative reforms

In Tamilnadu Government, there is a Ministry of Electricity which handles matters relating to non-conventional energy development also. Generation and distribution of Non-conventional energy like solar energy,wind energy, biogas/biomass energy, waves energy have become such an important requirement that there is a need for a separate Ministry in the State Government as in the Central government. There is need for separate Ministries for the following subjects in Tamilnadu government.

1.Ministry of non-conventional energy
2.Ministry of Science and Technology
3.Ministry of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
4.Ministry of waste land development
5.Ministry of Irrigation and water resources development
6.Ministry of Planning

Ministries of Revenue and Commercial Taxes could be merged.

There is need for serious conideration about
(i) revenue augmentation,
(ii) creation of staff for special schemes like purchase distribution of laptops, goats, cows, grinders etc.
(iii) promotion of cleanliness and waste disposal
(iv) sea and river tranport

To minimise the congestion in Chennai,the following proposals could be revived/considered
(i) shifting the capital of the state to another place like Tiruchi(old proposal)
(ii)shifting of some important offices like Tamilnadu Public Service Commission, High Court,Govenment of Tamilnadu commercial and industrial undertakings,Statistics Department
(iii)Discouraging of establishment of certain industries in the capital by way of additional taxes
(iv)further encouraging of establishment of industries in backward areas by enhancing the current level of incentives


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