Did/Does Tamilnadu Government have manpower planning?

A large number of Teachers Training Institutes(TTIs) were estblished a few ylears ago in Tamilnadu and a very large nmber of elementary and high school teachers were trained. Most of the “teachers” have not got jobs and many of them have already waited for even 10 years to get jobs. Consequently the number of candidates opting for these courses has decreased and some of the institutes have already been closed causing loss of lot of money.Individuals’ loss ultimately is loss to the state.

On the other hand,not many Industrial Training Institutes(ITIs) were established and not many technicians were “produced”.Factories and common people are finding it difficult to secure the services of technicians like electricians, carpenters, fitters, mechanics welders,plumbers etc. Their services have become prohibitively costly. A lot of work remains undone on account of shortage of technicians’

It was not difficult for the government to anticipate the approximate or even maximum number of teachers required in future. Government should have discouraged people from establishing excessive number of institutes. Government should also have given advisories to the people about the anticipated number of teachers required so that they would have thought many times before going in for the teachers training course.

Similarly it was not difficult for the government to anticipate the boom in industrial activity (from the number of applications for setting up factories),production of automobiles, construction activities etc. Govenment should have itself established additional ITIs and encouraged private sector to establish the ITIs.

To make matters worse,government has bestowed so many free things to th people and to some extent was responsible for the increase in general wages that existing technicians do not find it necessary to work for more than a few days in a month to earn enough to meet the expenses. The shortage of technicians has become more acute and economic acivities have come to remain low.

If only the government had undertaken manpower planning the economy would have grown much higher. One hopes that at least now the government undertakes the required manpower planning and also encourage people to work longer by withdrawing free supplies.

The mandate of the Employment Exchanges should be extended from just sponsoring candidates against vacancies to actively associatig themselves in training the manpower for anticipated vacancies in various sectors of th economy.


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