Is it beyond the capacity or genius of the Government/people

When one enters a village or a town in India/Tamilnadu from any side, he/she finds at the entrance garbage on both sides of the street/road as also on part of the streets. Similarly when one leaves the village/town from any side, garbage is found dumped/strewn.The garbage in villages and towns consists of plastic cups,plastic bags, paper, home garbage, glass, agricultural waste, factory waste, contruction waste etc, Garbage is also found thrown in the rivers where people take bath, wash clothes, and from where drinking water is tapped.

Can the local authorities not place at convenient places, separate garbage bins for plastics, paper,glass,meals etc, and force the people to put the garbage in correct bins, collect the same on a regular basis , transport to a far off place, recycle whatever is possible,prepare manure and produce bio gas where possible and use the remaining as earth fill- for filling up ditches, etc. ?

If the people/government is unable to dispose of the garbage in a proper way, the government should depute concerned officials to places like Hong Kong, Singapore and European countries for studying how the waste is disposed off in those countries.

There should be separate drains for rain water which should be drained into lakes and for sewarage which should be taken to a place where it is purified before it is used for irrigation.

People should also be forced not to spit or urinate on roads and other public places

There should be frequent compaigns to create awareness among the people on the need for keeping the places neat and clean


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