Forum for fair share of international rivers water

China has a very large number of long rivers. A few of these rivers flow into other countries before joining the sea or other rivers. These countries are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnamt. The rivers include Brahmaputra and Indus. Every year China faces heavy floods and large scale destruction of lives and properties. Still China wants to build dams to divert water from flowing into other countries thus denying the neighbouring countries of their traditional share. There is no water sharing agreements between these countries and China is not likely to agree to enter into any such agreements.Therefore India, Bangladesh and Pakistan being large countries and are likely to suffer more if dams are constructed on the rivers coming to India and then to Bangladesh and Pakistan, should take initiative to form a forum of countries mentioned above to persuade China and also force them through international organizations and other countries to desist from diverting water flowing through their countries and to enter into water sharing agreements.


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