Private participation in Railways

Most of the Railway Ministers of India earned the admiration of the commuters and the general public for not raising the fares ,in spite of mounting expenses of the organization on salaries, fuels raw materials, components, replacements etc. The organization was allowed to stand still. The route length of Indian Railways increased in more than 60 years since independence only by a few thousand kilometres from about 54000 km to about 64000 km. Most of the Railway Ministers were/are unable to not resist the temptation to become popular among the people. They do not mind criticism from negligible number of people who talk of generating funds for expansion, enhancing the quality of services, amenities etc.

If Railways is to expand to its potential the only way seems to be to enlist private participation. As in the case of Roadways, private sector can be allowed to construct new lines or additional tracks and collect toll charges from trains as in the case of roadways

As in roadways private operators may be allowed to run trains

Railways already has large tracts of land and hence there may not be need for large scale land acquisition.

The target should be to increase the route length to about 125000Km from present 64000km. (i.e. to double route length).Within a period of about 10 years people should be able to board the train and travel without advance plan.


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