India: countries to focus for increasing exports


France is the 5th largest importing country with a share of around 3.8% of world imports. However, France accounts for only 1.7% of exports from India, occupying a low 17th position among countries importing from India. Of course France ranks only 29th among countries exporting to India, with a share of only about 0.8% of India’s total imports. As crude oil is a major import item for India accounting for about 30% of its imports and as already India’s trade deficit is very wide, India may not be able to increase imports from France. However, India can with some more effort, increase exports to France.

Similar is the position regarding exports to Italy and South Korea which are also leading importing countries

India should as a first step set up Consulates in France and South Korea and additional Consulate in Italy. Embassies and Consulates should organize CATALOGUE exhibitions at least twice a year.. After 3-4 catalogue exhibitions, products exhibitions and buyer-seller meets can be organized.

Promoting consumption of milk in India and other countries


India is the largest producers of milk in the world with production of about 120 million tons (2011). The per capita production comes to only about 100kg per year. USA, the second largest producer of milk with a production of around 90 million tonnes has a per capita production of about 300 kgs while countries like Germany and France produce about 400 kg per head per year.

Milk is one of the few items in which India has higher per capita production than China whose per capita production is only about 30kg. India with a very large vegetarian population should increase per capita consumption considerably. However, with low purchasing power of people, India may become surplus in milk within a few years if the present rate of increase in production is maintained.

India and Pakistan are the major producers of buffalo milk. Production of goat milk is negligible in the world.

India needs to take steps to increase consumption of milk because of its nutritional value. There should be increased use of milk and milk products not only in sweets but also in other dishes. Use of milk and milk products should be promoted in countries like China and Vietnam to whom India could export. Once the Chinese and Vietnamese get used to sweets, there will be huge demand for milk and milk products.

Sale of shares to public- strike by employees of NLC


Government of India, the owners of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), holding over 90% of the shares of the company have decided to sell 5% of the shares to the public, to comply with the guidelines of Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI). Thereafter at the request of the Tamilnadu Govt. central govt have agreed to sell the shares to an undertaking of Tamilnadu govt. The employees of NLC have gone on an indefinite strike demanding the owners not to sell the shares.

The question now is whether the employees have or can be given the right to force the owners to do what they want when the matter does not relate to their working conditions or salaries etc. It is not for the employees to talk of the pros and cons of the actions of the management. Their only concern should be their working conditions, salaries etc. Of course political parties and the public have right to organize agitations etc. against government move. Employees as part of the public can join these agitations but should not be allowed to continue the strike