Telangana and Seemandhra formation good for both

The people of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema are agitated over the decision of the Central government to form Telangana. The main reason is the fear that their development will be hampered as they may no longer be able to benefit from the economic development of and infrastructure in and around Hyderabad. This fear is unwarranted as the people of Seemandhara living in Hyderabad can and probably will continue to live in Hyderabad area. The industrialists of Seemandhra can continue to invest in Hyderabad area and get the benefits.
The Seemandhra people may also fear that Telangana state my reduce the river waters flowing from Telangana to Seemandhra. To ensure that this will not happen, Telengana state should be made to sign a long term contract about flow of water from Telangana to Seemandhra.
In addition, central government should among others:
i. give liberal special grant to Seemandhra for development of a capital city at a central place.
ii. A separate Railway zone should be created with headquarters in the capital city.
iii. A rail coach factory should be set up in Seemandhra
iv. Part of state highways should be treated as National Highway
v. An international airport should be established in the new capital city
vi. An ordinance factory should be set up.
vii. Separate High Court should be set up
viii. A Central University, an IIT,an IIM, hospital like All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) ssould be established
ix. Apparel Park, Leather Products Park should be established
These things will remove whatever fear the people of Seemandhra may have. The two states will develop independently much faster than as a combined state.


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