Heritage Sites-preservation and protection


There is a news item that the Government of Pakistan plans to conserve and restore a Sikh ‘Samadhi’ and a Hindu temple, two important historical monuments located near the Lahore Fort, at a cost of Rs 22 million. Government of India should welcome and appreciate this plan of Pakistan. India should also ask Pakistan and offer cooperation and men, material and monetary assistance to the preservation of the sites of excavation of Indus Valley Civilization in Pakistan and protection of the excavated artifacts.

India should also with the International cultural organizations and the governments of Afghanistan and Iran explore sites of Indus Valley Civilization in those countries. India should also take initiative to cooperate with the Governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran for conservation and restoration of all Sikh, Hindu, Jain and Buddhist heritage sites in those countries.

Onion- price should be around Rs.30/kg


Onion is cultivated on an area of 43 million hectares in the world. The production is about 86 million tonnes with an yield of about 20 tonnes/ha. India has the largest area of 1.1 million ha or over 25% of world acreage under onion. However, India’s contribution to world’s production is only about 16 million MT or about 18%. The yield in India is only about 15MT/ha against about 25MT/ha in China. Countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and USA have yields of over 50 MT/ha.

The production in India is low as the farmers do not get remunerative price. The consumer price of RS.50 or Rs.60/kg is not at all high. But unfortunately there is hue and cry from political parties, trade unions and the consumers against this price. People should be allowed to be used to this price.

India exports onions at about US$400 per MT or Rs.24 per kg. If the farmers get price of Rs.30 per Kg, there will be incentive for farmers to grow more and supply to the local and foreign markets. There is a demand for onions in USA, Brazil etc.