India- urgent need for water diversion project

India-water diversion project

China has embarked on a water project costing about Rupees 4,00,000 crores for diverting annually about 45 billion cubic meters of water from water surplus southern province to water deficit northern provinces. This is only about 7- 8% of the annual discharge of water from Ganges river into the sea at the rate of about 650000cu.ft or about 18860 cu. meter of water per second.

India should undertake such large project for diverting about 50 billion cubic meters of water from Ganges river in the north to the southern states to minimize floods in the river and to irrigate the land in the water deficit states in the south. This project will widen and deepen the knowledge and engineering and technical skill of the officers. Since this is a huge project, it would be necessary to hire the services of experts from developed countries who have expertise in constructing long tunnels etc. There will be scope for hydro-electric power projects, the river/canal transportation, setting up projects requiring large quantity of water etc. The cost of the project will be very high and therefore should be undertaken as a joint project of the central and concerned state governments. However, as the project will take may years to be completed, the annual allocation for the project may be manageable.

This project was talked of sometime earlier but was not pursued. There was opposition to the project from leaders like Lallu Prasad Yadav of Bihar. Making all the stake holders to accept the project is a huge task. But there will be lesser problems if the project is taken up earlier.


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