Delhi election results- a way out to settle the issue

Delhi election results- a way out to settle the issue
In the elections held in 2013 to the 70 member Delhi assembly BJP and its ally emerged as the largest group with 32 seats,-four short of majority and the second largest party AAP won 28 seats- 8 short of majority. The other parties won 10 seats. Neither BJP nor AAP is willing to form government on its own or with the support of other parties. President’s rule is the only alternative but this can be only for a short period. Sooner or later re-elections have to be held. This will result in a lot of expenditure, time, energy and efforts for both the government and the political parties as also the general public.
A way out will be to amend the constitution to provide for the large two parties to form government for periods proportionate to the seats secured by them. For example, in Delhi Assembly elections, BJP combine and AAP have obtained 32 and 28 seats respectively. The two parties should be asked to be in power for periods proportionate to their strength i.e. at 32:28. In the 5 year tenure of the assembly, BJP should be In power for 32 months and AAP for 28 months (total 60 months or 5 years).
There is no need for smaller parties to occupy power for period proportionate to their strength. Of course if no party secures at least 25% or 33% of the seats, re-election will become unavoidable.


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