Policies of Political Parties of India.

It has become a fashion for self professed intellectuals in India to talk ill of and entertain hatred against the rich people.Some people even think and talk, that rich people would have become rich, only by exploiting the poor people. Many of the Political parties talk only of the poor people as though the rich people are not worthy of any consideration. The country cannot become rich without rich people producing goods and services and providing employment to the unemployed.The government cannot spend money on any scheme including schemes for poor people, without the rich people paying direct and indirect taxes. Political parties should not talk and act to differentiate people. The parties should promote harmonious relations between employers and employees, between producers and consumers,poor and the rich etc.
The rich people should be encouraged to set up more factories, service centres, educational and health services etc.

Similarly parties talk of providing education, employment etc. to people belonging to socially backward communities only. They do not talk of education to forward community people who could if encouraged, become great scientists, eminent technocrats,efficient doctors, inventors etc. The country needs such professionals to progress. It is necessary that good education is provided to all people, socially backward as well as socially forward community people. This is not to suggest that priority should not be given to backward people but talented forward community people should not be discouraged.

The policies of most of the political parties are such that they discourage people from working hard. For example free/subsidised supplies of food grains, clothes, etc.discourage people from working hard. A worker who earns Rs.350 per day as wages wants to work only for a few days in a month -may be 10 days- as 10 days’ wages are sufficient to meet monthly expenses because food grains, clothes, etc are available free of cost or at highly subsidised prices. The wages and prices policies should be such that able bodied members of a family work for 40/44 hours in a week to earn enough to meet the expenses in a week.


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