Political parties of India

It has become a fashion for all opposition parties to oppose increase in prices of every product, commodity for service. None of the parties suggest any alternative. Similarly all the parties want higher procurement prices for grains, milk, sugarcane etc. but at the same time oppose price rise for consumers. How is this possible? All parties demand increase in wages but the same time criticize inflation. All parties oppose sand quarrying but do not suggest an alternative for building construction.The Parties want increase in production but at the same time talk of less work for workers. Parties do not want companies to earn more but they want the companies to expand or set up new units so that more employment can be generated. Parties do not want new taxes or increase in existing taxes but they want government to undertake new projects, to provide new facilities etc. In short the parties want to present themselves as pro-poor, pro-consumer, anti-rich etc.

There is a need for political parties to rethink their stand on various issues considering the country’s development as the only or major issue.


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