Railway Budget

The railway budget in any year should among others contain information about:

1.new railway lines
2.additional tracks on existing lines
3. speeding up of trains, additional trains
4. new facilities for passengers like escalators, lifts, rest rooms/lodges, restaurants etc.in railway stations.
5.new safety measures, manning of unmanned railway crossings, construction of flyovers at road/rail junctions
6.additional facilities in long distance trains like first aid, emergency medical treatment
7.additional security in railway stations and in trains
8.mobilization of additional funds by way of increase in fares,freight charges, service charges, rentals,leasing of railway property, running of new and additional trains, introduction of additional routes etc.
9. cooperation with state governments/private sector for introduction of frequent bus services connecting railway stations with bus stands, taxi stand etc.
10.introduction of trolleys in railway stations as in airports


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