Appointment of Hon.Judges

The Constitution of India should be amended to provide among others, the following for appointment of Judges of the High Court and Supreme Court: be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister/Cabinet

2.the PM/Cabinet will before making recommendations consult with an Advisory Council consisting of the Union Law Minister, Chief Justice of India and two retired Chief Justices of India or in their absence sitting Supreme Court Judge(s)

3.For every vacancy, the Council will recommend 3 names and the PM/Cabinet may recommend for appointment, to the President any of the candidates included in the list prepared by the Council

4.The candidate for the office of the Judge should not have any political affiliation the last 3/5 years,the candidate should not have had any association based on caste,religion, race,region, gender

6.should hot have/ have expressed any strong view on any debatable or controversial issue during the previous 3/5 years

7.At least 10% of the posts of Judges should be filled from non-legal professions.(During British regime non-legal background ICS officers had been Judges)


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