Language study-only when and for whom it is useful

Excerpts from Simple Alternate Development Strategy”
Language study

In India, people spend (waste ?) a lot of time in learning languages. A student in states like Kerala , Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh spends about 20- 30% of the school time in learning his mother tongue, English and Hindi and sometimes Sanskrit also in schools like Vidya Mandir. If he learns only one language, he will have more time for learning science, arts, commerce, technical and other such subjects which would increase his knowledge. He will also have time to think originally and experiment. Now, a student does not have time to think at all. India would perhaps have produced many Nobel laureates if the students had time to think by avoiding learning of several languages. In addition to taking away time, learning of several languages prevents intense interest in science and other subjects, thus contributing to the mediocrity in any field. Languages could be learnt as and when necessary as in the case of officers of Indian Administrative Service(IAS) and Indian Police Service(IPS). It is not at all uncommon to find IAS and IPS officers who did not even see the Tamil language alphabets while in schools and colleges, writing and speaking fluently while working in Tamilnadu. ( The non-Tamil officers in Tamilnadu would not have got the jobs, had they in anticipation of working in Tamilnadu learnt Tamil language in schools and colleges, for in that event, they would not have got good marks in other subjects for paucity of time, thus making them unfit for jobs). It is not necessary to learn even English, the “universal language for acquiring knowledge”, as once Indians think in their languages and invent, the Indian languages will be learnt by foreigners and will become universal languages and tools for acquiring scientific and technical knowledge.


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  1. jogasingh says:

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