Budget – Funds for scientific research and development

In the coming budget, the Finance Minister should provide  funds for scientific research and development for the following among others:

1. for all the proposals received from departments of Space, Atomic Enery, Ocean Development, Science and Technology, Meteorological Department, Geological Survey and related departments

2 for private individuals and institutions for carrying on scientific research

3. for matching grants for research by industry

4. for establishing new research organisations

5  for grants to universities/colleges for undertaking research

6.. for supplying laboratory equipment fo universities/ colleges   through University Grants Commission

7. for artificial rain making

8. for research and development of robots

9 for establishment of a separate council for promotion of scientific cooperation with foreign countries and for undertaking joint research projects with foreign countries and international organizations

10. for carrying intensive research through more than one organisation,on alternate fuels,

Considering the fact that at present expenditure on research in India is very low and the fact that many small countries cannot afford to undertake research on account of paucity of funds and inadequacy of research personnel,  the budget allocation for research in 2015-16 should be atleast double that of the allocation in the current year.


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