Indian Railway Budget 2015-16- net income and expenditure remain same as previous year

Gross receipts of Indian Railways  estimated for 2015-16 at Rs.183578 crores is higher by only 15% than the Revised Estimates 2014-15.of Rs.159248 crores.Dearness Allowance of the employees during 2014-15 has increased about this much percentage. Materials cost has also gone up this percentage. Thus the net budget estimates 2015-16 of receipts is almost same as the Revised Estimates 2014-15. The receipts should have been aimed at least at Rs.200,000 crores. This could have been made possible if passenger fares have been increased by about 10% and the freight rates by higher percentage.The oil prices have come down but considering the large number of projects to be undertaken the receipts should have been aimed more.

Similarly Budget Estimates 2015-16 of expenditure is placed at Rs.174291 crores which is higher by only about 12% than the Revised Estimates 2014-15 at Rs.156172 crores, Discounting the inflation, there is practically no increase in expenditure  which means that from the earnings of the Railways there will be no developmental work.

The estimated increase in income over expenditure is about Rs.10000 crores which is very very low, considering the huge investments made by the government in the last over 150 crores.


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