Declining number of students in certain government schools.


In states like Tamilnadu, the number of students in certain  primary schools is declining to such an extent that it is becoming very expensive to run the schools.  For example, in certain schools the total number of students in all the classes is only about 20 and there is one teacher for these 20 students. These 20 students are spread among the 5 classes(class I to Class V) and the teacher will not be able to teach all the classes properly. Thus the standard of education in these schools  may also be low.The annual salary of this teacher would be about Rs.300000 at Rs.25000/- per month for 12 months. The cost of teaching one student comes to Rs.15000[/ per year. (there are other benefits which the teachers enjoy; there are employees for preparing and serving mid-day meals etc and if these are included the cost of teaching a student may be much more) The  average fees in a good private school is only about Rs.10000/-. It is economical for the government to pay the private school on behalf of the students of such schools. The students would also get better education. The government should seriously consider closing schools with low student strength and admitting the students in private schools in the same or nearby places and pay the tuition fees to the private schools on behalf of the students.