Healthy relations between Employees and Employers

The employees expect the employers to take interest in their welfare- provide tea,snacks, bonus, leisure activities like games, sports etc, assitance for children’s education, medical facilities etc. This is good. In turn, the employees also should take interest in the well being of employeers by achieving higher output, lower costs, higher profitabiity etc. Apart from putting up demands, the employees should discuss among themselves how to improve the working of the organisation/enterprise. For example,one employee from each branch of a bank in the state can meet periodically; exchange their experiences, discuss on ways to improve the working, improve the services to the customers, etc. The conference should be funded by the bank(employer/management). Both the employers and the employees should realize that they need each other. If employees contribute to the higher profits of the employer, the employer can expand his company and this will provide better opportunities for promotion /higher salary of the employees.

If employees put in their best efforts for the maximum profit of the company, the company in turn can take care of employment of the wards of the employees subject to availability of vacancies and the suitability of the wards for the jobs.


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