Jury system in India

Some countries like US, Canada UK etc.have jury system. In India also the jury system existed though the Constitution does not provide for the same. The jury system in India was later abolished.

A Judge like any other human being may have his/her own values, beliefs, views, opinions etc. and it may not always be easy to keep these apart while judging a case. The accused should have protection from the operation of such personal beliefs etc. If every case is to be decided by a bench, the personal beliefs etc. of one Judge alone cannot do any harm but it may not always be possible to have two or more judges to decide every case. In this context, it is thought that the jury system may protect the accused from the personal beliefs etc of a Judge. There are possibilities for juries making wrong decisions but safeguards against the juries going wrong can be provided in the mode of selection and composition of juries.

Jury system also provides for people’s participation in the judiciary which is also welcome.


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