Parliamentary proceedings and corruption

No political party in India can claim that all its members and leaders are honest. After all the society from which they come from is not honest fully. The general complaint is that many of the voters vote after taking money from political parties. There are honest people but many of them may not remain honest if they get opportunity to be corrupt. In this context, a political party should not accuse other parties of being corrupt. Disrupting parliamentsary proceedings on issues of corruption etc. is therefore unacceptable. A party should not disrupt,just because another party did so earlier. Matters relating to individual ministers should also not take much time of the Parliament as there are much more important matters relating to development on which time should be spent.

Corruption cannot be eliminated by any government without changing the rules and procedures which allow scope for corruption. Asking from applicants for servoces.too many documents and proofs should be minimised. People should in general be trusted unless there is reasons for doubts. Applicants should not be called to offices for seeking clarifications/explanations. The applicants and officers should exchange communications through email, mails etc.


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