Artificial rain- cloud seeding


In certain parts of Tamilnadu, during June-August,2015,the rainfall has been so negligible that farming operations have not been undertaken. If the rain starts in September, it may in some cases be too late for sowing certain seeds.Even drinking water for humans and animals has become a big problem. In order to ensure timely rainfall, it may be useful to resort to cloud seeding and simultaneously to undertake research on refining the existing technology to achieve lower cost, safety, avoid pollution, avoid lower rains during the period subsequent to cloud seeding. Research by as many universities as are willing should also be funded by the government. Cloud seeding is not new to Tamilnadu, as it had already undertaken several times in the past starting from 1960s in Nilgiris district, though there was a long break after 1960s. Several countries, particulary in Asia like Thailand, China etc are resorting to cloud seeding. Each district should have one organisation to udertake this operation. It can be a public or private organisation.

Political parties weakening executive wing of government- India


The hunger for power, the irresistible desire to be in the news etc. make political parties to level allegations against each other of indulging in corruption, inefficiency etc. When the allegations are made, common people without any hesitation tend to believe the same and form an opinion that governments of all parties are corrupt. The news about the accused leaders being acquitted does not go into the heads of the people.The result is that when other wings of the government interfere with the functions of the executive, people accept it and the political parties do not make it an issue. This is not good for democracy.

It is common knowledge,that the Prime Minister of India and the Ministers and bureacrats in 1950s had more powers, more discretion etc than their successors in 1990s , 2000s and 2010s.

It is therefore important that the political parties do not make unfounded allegations against other parties. The then opposition parties made serious allegations of corruption against the then ruling party and now,the latter,who are now in opposition are making serious allegations of corruption etc against the current ruling party leaders. It is time, the political parties deeply deliberate on this issue

Minimising Violence in the world


All over the world, murders, loss of lives and properties, other violent acts as also accidents leading to the loss of lives and properties, are increasing. Holding religious and moral classes in schools and colleges is one way of correcting violent tendencies. The other way is to minimise the instincts for violence. In general, males are considered to be aggressive, callous, insensitive, cold-blooded, crude, violent and sexually promiscuous. These are the traits that lead to violence including violence against women, murders, physical harm. On the other hand, females are said to be compassionate, gentle, calm, peaceful, sexually loyal etc. If men acquire some of the natural traits of women like peaceful nature, sexual loyalty etc. to some extent, all kinds of violence can be reduced. In this context, there is need to undertake intensive research in several countries, on whether through some hormonal treatment of all children, male children can be made to be less aggressive and less violent and female children, more compassionate, more peaceful etc, so that incidence of violence may be reduced when the children grew up to be adults. By making the world less violent and more peaceful people will be happier and more care free. Hormonal treatment of all children should not be difficult as already, all children are now given vaccination/
inoculation against certain illnesses in most of the countries. In the case of accidents like road accidents, females are considered to be more careful than males, thus causing less accidents.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had claimed that through transcendental meditation in certain jails, he has reformed murderers and other hard core criminals. This transcendental meditation should also be tried, though this meditation cannot be taught to all the people in the world.

Elimination of corruption- Need to change rules, regulations, procedures


Being part of the society, the political and bureaucratic functionaries have the same level of honesty, integrity, efficiency, devotion to duty etc. as the common people of the society. The common person in general is honest only because he/she has no opportunity to be corrupt. When he/she has the opportunity to be corrupt, he will almost definitely extract bribes by any way. The example is the opportunity for the common people to vote, for which bribe is reported to be demanded/accepted. So, if the corruption in government is to be eliminated, the society should first be made honest. But this is not easy.

But corruption cannot be allowed to be continued. The situation of absence of corruption can be achieved only by eliminating apportunities for corruption. For this, there is need to amend the rules and procedures. For example, in all the cases, single window system should be adopted. This means, the applicants for licences, approvals etc. need to apply only to one authority. This authority should seek “no objection certificates” from others wherever necessary. Again the denials/delays in extending services should be explained by the concerned authorities to their seniors and to the applicants or their nominees. All communications between he authorities and the applicants should be through mail/email so that the chances of authorities asking bribe from applicants are eliminated/reduced. Government should also in most cases accerpt affidavits and undertakings from applicants instead of asking for proofs and certificates from various other authorities.

The system of rewarding employees in a routine manner should be replaced with merit system. No employee should be given increments and promotions unless he does good work and is honest. Promotions should not be on the bassis of seniority but on the considerations of merit and honesty.

If the above changes are made in the rules and procedures, corruiption can be eliminated to a large extent.