Minimising Violence in the world

All over the world, murders, loss of lives and properties, other violent acts as also accidents leading to the loss of lives and properties, are increasing. Holding religious and moral classes in schools and colleges is one way of correcting violent tendencies. The other way is to minimise the instincts for violence. In general, males are considered to be aggressive, callous, insensitive, cold-blooded, crude, violent and sexually promiscuous. These are the traits that lead to violence including violence against women, murders, physical harm. On the other hand, females are said to be compassionate, gentle, calm, peaceful, sexually loyal etc. If men acquire some of the natural traits of women like peaceful nature, sexual loyalty etc. to some extent, all kinds of violence can be reduced. In this context, there is need to undertake intensive research in several countries, on whether through some hormonal treatment of all children, male children can be made to be less aggressive and less violent and female children, more compassionate, more peaceful etc, so that incidence of violence may be reduced when the children grew up to be adults. By making the world less violent and more peaceful people will be happier and more care free. Hormonal treatment of all children should not be difficult as already, all children are now given vaccination/
inoculation against certain illnesses in most of the countries. In the case of accidents like road accidents, females are considered to be more careful than males, thus causing less accidents.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had claimed that through transcendental meditation in certain jails, he has reformed murderers and other hard core criminals. This transcendental meditation should also be tried, though this meditation cannot be taught to all the people in the world.


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