Political parties weakening executive wing of government- India

The hunger for power, the irresistible desire to be in the news etc. make political parties to level allegations against each other of indulging in corruption, inefficiency etc. When the allegations are made, common people without any hesitation tend to believe the same and form an opinion that governments of all parties are corrupt. The news about the accused leaders being acquitted does not go into the heads of the people.The result is that when other wings of the government interfere with the functions of the executive, people accept it and the political parties do not make it an issue. This is not good for democracy.

It is common knowledge,that the Prime Minister of India and the Ministers and bureacrats in 1950s had more powers, more discretion etc than their successors in 1990s , 2000s and 2010s.

It is therefore important that the political parties do not make unfounded allegations against other parties. The then opposition parties made serious allegations of corruption against the then ruling party and now,the latter,who are now in opposition are making serious allegations of corruption etc against the current ruling party leaders. It is time, the political parties deeply deliberate on this issue


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