Language problems in India and solution for the same.

Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has announced a few schemes for the welfare and development of the people. These are all named in Hindi language. Unfortunately, most of the English and regional language newspapers report the name of the scheme only in Hindi and not in English/regional languages. This not only annoys the non-Hindi people but also hurts their pride. If PM does not like to use English language for the names of the schemes, these should be translated into all the languages of the country and these translations should be provided to the newspapers, TV channels and other media.Better will be to announce original name of one scheme in Hindi, another scheme in Tamil, another one in Bengali, another one in Telugu, another one in Kannada, another one in Marathi, another one in Gujarathi etc. Some of the Indo-Aryan language(Marathi, Gujarathi, Bengali, Oriya etc ) speakers. may not mind much as the Hindi names may not be much different from their language names, but Dravidian languages speakers my mind Hindi being used for names of all schemes.

Coming to the languages for conducting official business of the country, it is ideal to use local languages for communication, for keeping records etc, in all government offices, both central and state. This of course will mean that an officer not knowing the local language cannot be posted to that state. All lower posts upto the level of a Class I officer can be filled up by local people. Senior officers to be posted to offices outside their states may be asked to learn the language just as IAS, IPS officers are asked to learn the language of the states to which they are posted. Communication between states and headquarters(New Delhi) can be in English or Hindi according to the choice of the officers.

As regards the proposal of the central government to the United Nations to make Hindi as one of the official languages of UN, it must be said that it is a reasonable one, considering the fact that languages spoken by lesser number of people than Hindi like Russian, French and may be Arabic also are already UN official languages. However, Hindi should not be projected as the sole language of India, but as one of the official languages of India, spoken by a large number of people.


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