India-Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations


At present main celebrations of Republic Day and Independence Day are held in the capital of the country. Of course celebrations are held in state capitals and district headquarters also. It may be worth considering whether these most important events could be held in each state capital in turns. Similarly, the important events taking place in state capitals on Republic Day and Independence Day could also be shifted to different district headquarters in turns.

In addition to holding parades and cultural  pageants, Republic Days could be marked by launching of grand schemes like laying foundations for large projects, inaugurating new and additional railway lines,  laying foundations for new roads or widening of roads, opening scientific and technological  research centres,  lanching new research projects etc. This will incidentally ensure that atleast a few major projects are launched each year.

Offices, factories etc.could also funcion at least for a few hours for the celebrations and for taking pledges for improving the working, services etc.

The practice of inviting a foreign dignitary to be the Chief Guest for the celebrations could continue. It may also be considered whether prayers by different religious leaders-Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh etc.- for the well being of the people of the country could also be included in the celebrations.

Signing of Agreements during visits of VIPs and VVIPs


By Perusing the lists of the bilateral Agreements/MoUs signed during the visits abroad of the President, Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister and visits to India of foreign dignitaries one gets the impression that these are often routine like Cultural Exchange Programmes for 2-3 years (not agreements). Considering the importance and infrequency of the high level visits and desire on both sides to take the relations to higher levels, more substantive Agreements/ MOUs which would benefit both countries for a long time could be negotiated and signed

How long should India seek foreign investment for its economic development


For fast economic development of the country, India should open up its economy fully to foreign investment. But this should be a short term strategy. For long term sustainable development, India should develop technology, encourage Indian companies to invest abroad and export technology. India, being a large country with a population of over 1250 million should not be a regular importer of technology. According to World Bank data Finland with a population of about 5 million has over 7000 researchers per million of population. That is why it is able to develop, utilise internally and export new technology. China has about 1000 researchers per million of population. But India has only about 160 researchers/million of population. India should give top priority for increasing this number at least to the level of China viz 1000/million of population. This is what, India should do to become a developed country. Its dependence on other countries for technology should gradually decline. For sustainable development India should depend on R & D and not on foreign investment.