Government would need to acquire agricultural and other land for a large number of public projects and private projects which are in public interest. Therefore, government would:-

stop distributing government(paramboke) land to anyone-landless or houseless people. The land  would be kept for giving to the families from whom agricultural land or housesites/buildings are acquired for public purposes.

If this had been done from the beginning, there would not have been so many agitations against land acquisitions. The lying idle would only be leased out to the landless with the condition that the lease may be terminated with  one year notice. This is to see that the land does not remain unused.

acquire land only for present use and would not acquire larger land for using it in future and thus would not keep the land fallow, thereby depriving the state of production of food grains on these lands.

all government housing schemes for the low or medium or high income groups as well as government buildings for offices, schools, hospitals etc. would be multi-storied so that lesser land is used.

Even for private housing projects, plans would normally be approved only if the buildings are multi-storied. Even in the case of buildings by private individuals, they would be encouraged to build more than one floor by offering loans at concessional rates of interest.

Multi-storied parking places would be encouraged or the government would itself build to save space on parking.


Restricting welfare measures only to those earning up to a certain level will make people not to strive to earn more for fear of foregoing the benefits. This will make people remain in poverty perpetually.

The governments would look after not only the poor people but also those with good income and therefore, welfare measures in our government would be for the entire community and not for those with low income only

Substantial number of people are poor mainly because of their or their fore fathers’ bad habits, like consumption of liquor, smoking, spending much on cosmetics, indulgence in luxuries, consumption of high cost items etc. Instead of extending special favours to such people, they would be persuaded or given free of cost treatment for giving up addictions to alcohol, smoking etc.

Similarly it is not correct to conclude that rich people have become rich by exploiting others or at others’ expenses. Many people are rich because of their frugal habits, savings, simple life, low consumption, avoidance of  luxuries etc. They should not be discriminated against, by denying them governments’ welfare measures.

Governments’ efforts would be to provide necessary skills and facilitate employment to all the people and thereby make them earn for their needs. This is the main welfare measure of the government.

In the name of welfare measures, the government will not take away the duties and responsibilities of parents for their children, of adults and middle aged people for their parents. Conducting marriages, valai kappus etc. giving gold, cash at the time of marriage etc. will be discontinued. However loans by the banks  on govt security will be encouraged so that the couple can settle in life by purchasing their requirements of furniture, utencils, dress,jewellery etc.


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